"Hand in Hand"

Occasionally we produce short thematic videos. In this case, the theme is the human hand and all the amazing ways it is used. Most of the images used are from flickr.com and permission is granted to use them in this not-for-profit format. As a result, the video is not for sale or for general distribution. The music was created by Paul Krause and is subject to universal copyright.

Hand in Hand

October 2007 - Northfield Retirement Community

We have now finished an eight-minute long video for NRC that will help encourage it's 20 corporate congregations to take a more active role in the life of the retirement community. The video explores the concept of "backyard mission." Often church members will travel to distant places on a "mission" when they might as easily find people in their own backyard that need their time and commitment as much as people in the third world.

The video includes interviews with key members of the various congregations and actuality showing the many ways that the elderly residents' lives can be changed by church based visitors.

(c)2004 Shadowplay - Flickr.com
Community National Bank - Grand Opening

Recently Community National Bank built a new facility on the edge of town. We were commissioned to create a celebratory video that captured the mission of the company. CNB has a long history in Northfield and many satisfied customers (including our company).

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This is another personal project. Over time I hope to create four videos that mark the passage of all the seasons. Since fall is my favorite season, I've started here.

I created the music for this piece on my recently acquired Korg Triton, a most delightful keyboard synthesizer. I I will prepare a DVD of the four seasons for the STORE once I have the set completed.

The Science Center at Maltby Nature Preserve

We have begun to shoot footage at The Science Center in anticipation of a promotional video contract being signed with them. We just finished a morning of filming with two girl scout troops from the Twin Cities that were at the Preserve learning about life forms in the Cannon River and how to use scientific methods and tools to discover interesting facts about the natural world. To see an segment from the rough footage click on the video icon shown below.

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At The Science Center

These girls are from two troops in St. Paul MN. Here they are seen measuring one aspect of water quality - the clarity of the water in the Cannon River.It was great fun taping their exploits.
Home Ownership Center

The Home Ownership Center is one of Minnesota's most progressive organizations. We were commissioned to produce this video to celebrate an important milestone in the history of the group. The stories of three different families are featured in the piece. Each one relates a different way in which the Center helps people own or retain the ownership of their home.
Fall 2007 - The Sheltering Arms Foundation

In 2004, we produced a 12 minute video to help celebrate the 20th Anniversary of the Foundation. Here is the updated version, entitled "For the Sake of our Children."

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"For the Sake of our Children"

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On Going - Children's Mental Health SeriesAfrican Development Center
For the past three years, we have been documenting a series of training videos that deal with issues surrounding children's mental health. Once a month, we videotape a presentation by either a professional psychologist, social worker, or field practitioner who works with children and families in the Minneapolis/St. Paul area.

To date, we have produced 30 hours of programming, the first 24 of which are available on DVD from our sponsor, the Family Housing Fund. By the end of 2007, we will have 36 DVD's completed and ready for distribution.

This has been a remarkable project for all concerned. We feel privileged to be an agent for change in this important area. A segment from one of the productions is included here. For more information about the series contact Paul Krause (Paul@DancingSun.biz).

The ADC commissioned this work to coincide with the first anniversary of the organization. A remarkable group of dedicated people under the leadership of Hussein Samatar. We hope to produce a new video for them in 2008.
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Northfield Retirement Community
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Children's Mental Health

Northfield Retirement Community (NRC) is one of the most progressive facilities in the nation. Kyle Nordine, CEO, is a true visionary and outstanding leader. We have produced a number of videos for NRC. We will be including new ones as they appear.

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Central Lutheran Church
We produced this video for Central Lutheran Church in 2001 as part of a major capital campaign for the church. It focuses on the history of the church and how a successful building campaign early in the 20th century transformed the church and its congregation.

Northfield Arts Guild
We created this video for the Northfield Arts Guild as part of a capital campaign coordinated by Paul Krause Creative. Our goal was to inspire and motivate potential donors who had some exposure to the Guild's many programs.