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Our main offering is the DVD of In Full Circle:The Japanese Style Garden as a Work of Art in Progress.

This new release may be ordered from the Carleton College Bookstore by clicking on the link below. You will be transferred to the Bookstore home page where the video is featured. The cost is $29.95 plus shipping and handling. For more information about the video and an opportunity to view the first 10 minutes of the video click on the garden picture below.

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In Full Circle DVD

The Video (30 minutes)

The Japanese landscape garden is the world’s preeminent art form for evoking nature’s beauty in three-dimensional space. Centuries of evolution have produced a rich vocabulary of styles suited to varying needs, and a set of design principles shaped by observation of nature and human perception.

Experiencing nature through the senses--in a heightened form as only art can do-is at the heart of this vital art form which continues to evolve in response to human needs and changing culture.

Wake Up!  
$15.95 + S&H
Inspirational Music and Songs by Paul Krause
The context-sensitive design and maintenance process is broken down into its component parts—response to site, client, and local materials—timeless sources of inspiration that David calls the Accord Triangle. The video demonstrates how the same methods used by the garden’s designer can guide the committed gardeners—artists in their own right--who tend this living work of art in succeeding decades. The emotional impact of a garden is highly dependent on the quality of its care and pruning. How is the designer’s original inspiration—the garden’s unique experience of natural beauty—tended and even improved year by year in creative response to the challenges that come with time? As questions like this are answered, we come to understand the garden as a work of art in progress.

As one garden viewer states in the video, “When you’re stimulated by something this balanced and beautiful, it has an effect on your entire being. It elevates it, no question.”

In the final analysis, the garden changes the way we look at the world around us. In full circle, nature first inspires the designer, but in the end the garden inspires its viewers to see the natural world in a new and deeper way. Up close or at a distance, we come to appreciate nature’s rich design. The Garden of Quiet Listening ultimately becomes the master teacher, who speaks on behalf of the natural world.
Wake Up!
$15.95 + S&H
Inspirational Meditations by Katie Cox - Music by Paul Krause
Voice of Scotland
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Poetry by Darleene Morris Rixey. Music by Paul Krause

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Prayer Meditation
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