Song Writing - Recent Releases
Wake Up! was released in 2006 as a followup album to Ark of the Heart, our first collection of inspirational songs. The eight songs on the album range from up beat to meditative and from quite reflective to light and airy.

Dancing Sun is pleased to include a selection of tracks from the CD including the title track "Wake Up!" We hope you enjoy the music and songs and will purchase the entire CD in our STORE.
Song Writing - Current Projects
Face to Face will be released in March of 2009, in part, to celebrate 40+ years of song writing. It will include some new tunes like the often requested Woo-Woo Girl and many personal favorites from over the years. It has been such a joy writing these for myself and for so many other friends, family members and the odd fan. Here are a few of my favorite songs from the catalog. Enjoy!
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Wake Up! Celebration
Before Now To Love Someone

Voulez-Vous Danser?

Voulez-vous was relaesed in 2001 as a personal celebration of life and love. I had been searching for words to go with the voulez-vous melody for a few years but had a sense that it should be in a foreign language. I originally thought that Italian would be a good choice, but French won out in the end. And it also helped that I'd had some experience reading and writing French from my early days in Canada.

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Voulez-Vous Danser?Perfect Day
I Guess I Knew Caroline
Ark of the Heart

Ark of the Heart was released in 2001 to coincide with the ordination of our spiritual center's minister, Audrey Peterson. Her favorite bible story is Noah and the Ark. I look at the story from a metaphysical point of view. The CD includes seven songs including the marvelous song "Holy Now" by Peter Mayer. Here are four of the seven songs. All of them are written and performed by Paul Krause.

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Ark of the Heart The Gift
The Children's CarolI Am
Perfect Day
Perfect Day was released in 1998 after brief burst of songwriting about the differenct ways we "lose" our children. One of the saddest events in life is the loss of a young child. It violates our sense of order and fairness. At the same time, we all "lose" our children as they make their passage from childhood to adulthood. Having to give up a child as so many young women did the 1960's and '70's, is also very real form of loss. These songs are for all of them.
Children of the Gods  Right and Wrong
Tony's Room