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Katie Cox is a Spiritual Counselor and Teacher. She has a 14 year background in social work and nonprofit management. At age 14 Katie had an electric shock with household current which led to some dramatic spiritual experiences. For the past 16 years Katie has assisted people with integration and self-empowerment. Katie's teachings are inspired by her desire to motivage you and to integrate mind, body and spirit as well as all emotional aspects of yourself.

Current Projects

She does this by supporting you in remembering who you are as a spiritual being first. These meditations are designed to enhance the integration process. We've included one of the four meditations. The CD is available in our STORE.

Dancing Sun Multimedia produced the CD and Paul Krause wrote the music.

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"Prayer Meditations" is a joint project of Dancing Sun and Bernadine Hughes. Paul Krause has written the music that complements the remarkable meditations that Bernadine has created.

We've included a sample meditation from the upcoming release. the CD is now available in our online store.

Part One: Integrate Abundance and Prosperity

Darleene Morris Rixey is a Canadian writer and artist interested in dollmaking, historical costuming and collecting friendly old books. Growing up, she vagabonded throughout North America with her theatrical family, experiencing everything from carnivals and ice show to stage and musical theatre along the way. In recent years she has served poetry organizations in various capacities, and in 1996 she received the Woman of Achievement Award for the San
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Diego branch of the National League of American Penwoman.Her award winning poetry can be found in over 30 anthologies worldwide and in her chapbook, The Pageantry of Seasons. She and her husband travel often to Scotland, fulfilling lifelong dreams fostered by her Scottish granny - a "Paisley Girl"

Here are two of the 20 poems that make up the CD. Copies of the CD are available at our STORE.

Dancing Sun produced the CD and Paul Krause wrote the music.

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Picture Scotland in SpringThe Isle of Mull