About Dancing Sun Multimedia

Dancing Sun Multimedia is a division of Paul Krause Creative. Our production studio is located in the lower level of the Nasby Building, 402 Washington Street, Suite in Northfield. Our business office is located at 214 East Fremont in Northfield.

Dancing Sun is a direct result of Paul Krause's involvement in audio production as a producer at radio station WCAL-FM located on the campus of St. Olaf College, Northfileld. From 1982 until 2001, Paul worked as a radio producer, program host and business manager of the station. Since 2001, Paul has been working in video production as well as audio/CD production. A long-time song writer and singer, he has also been active in the musical arts and performed around the region.

Paul Krause

Paul Krause Creative is involved in a variety of projects and organizations including a founding partnership in Story Circles International Inc. and the newly formed Friends Anonymous International.

In addition, PKCreative consults in the areas of fund raising and economic valuation. More information about these and other organizations may be found on our LINKS page.

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