Completed Projects

Another collaborative effort between Dancing Sun and Making Words Work!

Les Tune needed a special mailer that targeted law firms. We came up with this two sided, full-color piece that seemed to do the trick.

Shown at left is side 1.

Current Projects

Paul Krause of Dancing Sun and Barbara Cordes of Making Words Work! have joined forces to produce a series of large posters for Professional Design Group of Northfield. PDG has a large window display on Division Street which was aching for something different. Barbara does the word working and Paul does his Photoshop magic. This poster is based on one of the many Hollywood movies that have used the Northfield bank raid of 1876 as a movie premise.

Jim Braucher, owner of PDG, rides as a member of the James-Younger gang in the annual reenactment of the famous raid. The poster at left was the basis for our PDG poster last year.

The other faces in the Northfield raid poster are those of some of his staff.

At left,we have a more typical offering. Every month Barbara Cordes does the research that lead to the quotes from those involved in the project on the customer side. She polishes the text and Dancing Sun prepares the images for publication.

To see more examples of these posters click on the icon below.

Side 2
PDG Poster Series