Children of the Gods

The sky is dark, the sea is cold
The sailor is just 12 years old.
He sets his sails upon an ancient course.
He says he'll sail beyond the sea
To distant lands where he can be.
He'll never look behind, or feel remorse

Little one, please travel fast
Pick up the dice that fate has cast
Discover all the places that you must
And when you come back home again
We'll celebrate like long lost friends
A son of all the Gods that we entrust, entrust with you.

The sky is dark, the wind is cold
The flier is just 12 years old
She sets a course that leads her to the world
She says she'll fly beyond the sun
She won't look back 'til she's become
The woman that is trapped within the girl.

Our babes are born and then they grow.
they cling to us until they know
That they must find a way to be themselves
They take to boats or put on wings
Then sail or fly from all the things
that bind them to our hearts and feed our souls.

(c) 1998 Paul A. Krause